PartyKit is joining Cloudflare!

Sunil Pai
Posted on:5 Apr 2024

Friends, I have big news. PartyKit is joining Cloudflare to help build the future of stateful serverless computing.

Here’s the announcement on the Cloudflare blog.

First, a recap

After seeing Cloudflare announce Durable Objects in 2020, I was immediately enthralled by the possibilities of building on a global network of servers powered by Cloudflare Workers (and all their other amazing services). I spent the year of ‘21-‘22 inside Cloudflare, helping rebuild the wrangler CLI as a foundation for their developer platform. After getting residency in the U.K., I decided to take some time and pursue a dream of my own; to build a company and product in the space I care about, bringing ambitious tech to everyone.

Over the last year, PartyKit has travelled a journey I couldn’t imagine. Lots of ups and downs, but imo overall we have the best tech and the best community. I feel blessed. Hackers and enthusiasts are constantly experimenting, pushing the boundaries of what this tech can do; in production, companies use us to power their chat bots and AI agents and collaborative productivity tools; we’re part of a community of developers who are excited to build the future of serverless computing with us.

Stateful serverless computing, everywhere

Recently, I’ve been exploring where PartyKit will go next. “Multiplayer” was a wedge, an entry into everything that could be possible with Durable Objects. And what I learnt was incredible; I now truly believe that this primitive is going to power the future of stateful serverless computing everywhere. I wrote a longer post about it on my personal blog and realised the amount of work and effort it would take to build this future. AI apps (every app?), games, real-time collaboration, and more will build on this.

Around the same time, I started conversations with Cloudflare about doing something together for their developer week (happening right now!). We quickly came to the conclusion that the best place for this to grow and flourish would be within Cloudflare itself! PartyKit could take advantage of Cloudflare’s incredible network and resources, and we could build the future faster, together.

I care very deeply about the product and the technology we’ve built, and I’m excited to see it grow and flourish within Cloudflare. PartyKit and Cloudflare have always been close partners, and this next phase formalises that relationship and cements the vision of the Internet that we share.

What this means for you

As existing users, you can now use PartyKit for free! You can easily deploy to your own Cloudflare account and pay for the resources you use, with no extra charge.

All your existing PartyKit projects will continue to work as they do today.

If you have any questions about what this means for you, please reach out on the Discord or on Twitter.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working on integrating PartyKit more deeply into Cloudflare’s ecosystem, enabling you to access and use more of Cloudflare’s services directly in your PartyKit project. We will also be making it possible to use PartyKit servers directly inside a Workers/Pages project.

We have a lot on the roadmap! To give you a glimpse into our priorities, we’re working on adding real-time React with server components, new utilities to make AI agent driven apps, primitives for hosting game sessions on the edge and more. I can’t wait to see where this takes us.

Thank you 🎈

I’m deeply appreciative of all of you who have supported us through this journey, we couldn’t have done it without you. I’m super excited to have you come along for the long road ahead, it’s going to be great!

Everything’s better with all of you